Wednesday, March 12

Give Your Best to Life!

Few years back, I had been grieving for things involve personal, career & life.  I forget how positive and joy vibes looks like. I stopped my favorite activities, take count of my own judgment and carried away. Then, I notice I have been doing this all the while in growing up period which made me to stop achieving for my dreams & goal. I was amazed and realize it is a normal process but yet sometimes, human being stuck in the process and doesn't want to move forward. After attending few quality session training in my company which made me to gain back my energy in work. I acknowledge myself to see things in beyond in few areas: skills, attitude, people, environment, relationship & universe. Yes, everyone have their role in this categories and often we forgets what they are.

Skills : What I have learn and take part to show the interest of the skill. I love music and traveling. Music in sense, i love playing the piano and singing. So, i set a target what to improvise or i can do to contribute to society. Traveling is something i always fun to meet people and connect to the universe but sometimes, we forgot to take precaution when we are required for our  survival day if we are stranded. I took "Impossible" movie as a credit to take things in consideration and preparing myself to it.

Attitude : I forgive the person who hurt me in the past and made the conversation with them and it made me lighter in heart. We sometimes forget our own attitude makes an issue looks bigger which is not healthy for our life. Hear, Speak & Do No Evil. Sound familiar? Hear, Speak & Do Good? Sound familiar as well? Let's us embrace good things in life and throw all negatives feelings and attitude away. If someone talks bad about, smile and carry on. They might need to get a life or perhaps alone and need attention.

People : Human comes in form of EVERYTHING! Big, small, fat, thin, positive, hardworking, jealous, evil . genius, childish, etc. People around us, a factor to influence us to be who we are. My parents has been my PIONEER people who work their butts off to made me and my siblings success in life. Name it : music, language, education, travel, teamwork. hobbies, food & etc. They have been playing lot of parts in us life and I'm happy cause if i know a name of a plant or people amazed that we spoke a language, the token of recognition should goes to them. This might sound silly or childish, but i believe, every grown up will have some impact of attitude & skills gene of their parents.

Environment : I remembered, at the age of 5, we used to live in grandma place which is 5 storey apartment. The place is green and people are friendly but yet, criminal starts to take place often with robbery and drugs. . After my grandparents decided to move to new place, i was addicted to visit the place just because i love the environment, but end of the day, gets beating when my parents found out about it. And i was 7 years old that time. The environment i was brought up changed few times. We was staying in an apartments with lot of families from different race know each other very well. I was stress as the eldest in the family, there is less time of playing with friends and focus on study. I forget to mentioned here, my parents are teacher. From the food we eat and time to go tuition, the environment we have was quality. When I start to grow up, the environment start to be more mature journey for me. I prefer to live in a clean, hygienic & peaceful environment right now as this has been cultivate by parents.

Relationship : Our first bonding of relationship has been always our parents since the day 1 we enter the world. Then goes knowing our siblings, relative, teachers, friends, colleague and etc. Each relationship will teach us a lesson. Take the good one and brush away the negative side. Don't take it personal as sometimes, relationship can give great impact if it work well. Right now, i prefer to have a good bond with everyone and gain knowledge, skill and experience from each relationship. My grandparents used to say "When you die, you will know how much impact you have done when people comes to your funeral".

Universe : "Make love with  the universe". It’s having the universe bend in your favor. Any anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a nomad, no-permanent address, and you don’t have to be an entrepreneur and you don’t have to want to be incredibly extraordinary. That’s not for everyone and there is something deep and true and beautiful with having a loving family and a good job and being really happy with your life the way it is. But maybe you just wish that some of the seemingly good luck that happens to others happened to you. Tips to make it so :
  • Be Enthusiastic
  • Be Specific 
  • Follow Up
  • Say Yes
  • Show Up 
  • Return the Favor 

Therefore, always remember to give the best to all the aspects mentioned earlier and make love to them for beautiful Life!

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