Thursday, March 27

MH370 incident bring back memories of myself

Remind me an incident of myself about MH370 incident, for the first time i was flying to India few years back with excitement plus nervous as it was my very first time flying to an unknown country. It was a sunny day and haze season and a pretty good day to start a journey as well. I remembered, my dearest friend Faran,  dropped me to the airport, giving strength & courage to fly without fear.

In the plane, i met few strangers which are my friends now. I met a Vietnamese girl, a geologist, who is on the way to meet her boyfriend working in India after 5 years with a surprise visit. Another lady with her baby traveling from Australia to India to meet her family after 2 years. A romantic old couple who i offered my seat so they can sit together and are on the way back home to their homeland after been migrated to another country for 15 years. The journey was pleasant till the plane was about to land within 15 minutes, the pilot & stewardess announced this : " Due to haze and bad weather, we are unable to land to the airport right now". We are finding another route to reach the airport and there will be a delay in reaching the destination". Sorry for the inconvenient cause".

The look of the passengers and myself, it was unforgettable. Some of the passengers become restless, some felt terrified, some people turn on their phone, in case something bad happened, people could reached them (as their believe, i guess). It was a mixture feeling of myself " let see if the plane crashed, what would be my last thought for my loved one?". Dear God, i have few wishes to fulfill, just let me live till then. I need to tell the people i loved, how much they meant to me in my life". I need to seek forgiveness and say thank you too".

The Vietnamese girl started to cry and the only thing i could comfort her saying, "we will be fine & say your prayers". The plane was roaming nearly 1 hour on the air till they receive the signal to land on the airport and nothing could explain my relieve and faith on God that time. And the feeling of passengers in MH370, nothing could explain how they felt till they are back.

So, keep hoping and stay strong for the passengers! I never told this to anyone including my family members & sharing my thoughts which i can relay how an incident can impact someone's life. It may nothing new for some people who fly occasionally, but certain things are totally meant to be remembered! I would like to express my appreciation personally to the pilot, stewards & stewardess that was on duty that day for their professional act. Without these people, you may never will fly to your destination with care.

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