Thursday, October 13

Tribute to Sudhir Kumar (1-8-2011)

It has been nearly 2 months of his death, and I’m dedicating this article for him. Sudhir Kumar Kolakaluri, one of my dearest working colleague and friend and loving brother leave us and the world at 1-8- 2011. We are still in deep shock and sad with his lost. Each day without fail, Sudhir Bhai greets me with his smile and bid goodbye when he is leaving from the office. When his newly born child was born in India, he was filled with joy and happiness which he has expressed how lucky he was. Wherever he goes, he will show his baby girl’s picture to everyone include strangers as well. From there, I realize she is his pride and joy.

I’m still recovering with his loss and shocked of his death. I remembered when the last day he bid goodbye before leaving the office, he was reluctant to say so. He looks tired and mentioned “I wanted to ask you something but it is ok. I will see you on Monday”. I smiled to him and wave goodbye but there is some uneasy feeling strike me that moment but I keep on saying it will be alright. Then the news came. He passed away on Monday morning in the clinic due to heart attack. Another colleague was there and I could felt how he had felt when the incident happened. My wish for his family in India, hope they able to cope with his loss and wish his wife and baby lead a good life.

For people who smokes and drink, please do care about your health and family. I wish Sudhir Bhaiya has reduce his cigarettes and alcohol to avoid this incident happened. Some of my friends has immediately stop smoking once they heard Sudhir’s death. Don’t take action when an incident happened. Take action before it happens. May his soul rest in peace.

Friday, August 12

Visit to Pulau Besar, Malacca

"Pulau Besar"??? My dad's eyes rolls wider. "Haunted place. Are you sure you got the correct place???” sounds worried. "It is safe place. Don’t worry. I have bodyguards around me", mentioning about two friends who are following me. His silent means he is worried. But it doesn’t change my plan to go to Pulau Besar. I was very determined to go there no matter even if tsunami hit Kuala Lumpur.

You must wonder where is Pulau Besar and some never heard about it. Pulau Besar is an island off the coast of Malacca, Malaysia, and is located approximately 13 km from the mainland. Pulau Besar looks like a pregnant lady lying on her back. The locals around Pulau Besar revere the island and attribute it to many legends. It has also become a place of pilgrimage to a large number of Indian Muslims in Malaysia. The island is considered a holy place by local believers. Visitors are advised to abstain from consuming pork on the eve of the day of visit and throughout their stay there. They are also to be in their best behavior while on the island. Accommodation is available at the chalets available on the island, namely Chandek Kura Hotel. Many visitors however pitch tents along the coast. Food is easily available from the few stalls there. Free food and drinks are also available from a canteen next to the Wakaf Makam Tujuh Beradik which i will elobrate more later.

Packed with mineral waters, dressed in jeans and blouse and sandals at 7.30 a.m, me and my friends travel from Kajang to Malacca by car. Girls especially are advised to dressed decently and importantly bring a selendang along with you as you are going to pay respects to the pilgrims. And, it is best to wear sports shoes or good slippers since you going to experince jungle trekking journey. We reached Malacca within 1 1/2 hour and headed to Jetty Anjung Batu which opens 7 a.m to to 6 p.m where you need to take either the ferries which cost RM14 per person or the motorboats if you need to reach Pulau Besar within 10 minutes which can cost RM180 per motorboat. Both includes two ways to and from Pulau Besar.

We took the ferry and reached Pulau Besar within 15 minutes. And from there, one can either walk or ride in the van which cost RM2 per person to Sultanul Aarifeen tomb. We decided to hop into the van as time runs. And dont be suprise if u noticed all the vans are doorless. The journey to the whole island per van cost RM50 to RM80.  Once reached to the main entrance, we washed our legs at the washroom located there before we pay our respects to the ancestors.

First, one must pay respect to Syarifah Rodziah tomb as it is believed she is the caretaker of tomb Sultanu'l Aarifeen. Therefore Syarifah Rodziah tomb located near the entrance courtyard to the mosque and tomb Sultanu'l Aarifeen.  Secondly, we pay respect to Sultanu'l Aarifeen's tomb. His real name is Al Sayyid Ismail (qaddasallahu sirrahu). He is a descendant of the 18th Prophet (SAW). He has a high knowledge of Islam. According to history when he was visiting the tomb of the Prophet to Medina, he came a voice told him to expand the knowledge of Islam on the island of Java. As a faithful discharge of his religion and he has traveled and finally reached the Big Island with 16 members in the group. Among the most important people in the group was his teacher and his brother Yusuf Siddiq Al Sayyid Ibrahim. Now the main reason most people come to visit the tomb Sultanu'l Aarifeen as one believe he will fullfill one wishes and desire.

Our third visit is to Seven Brothers tombs which located within 10 minutes from Sultanu'l Aarifeen (Wakaf Makam Tujuh Beradik) tomb. The seven brothers, from Palembang, came to the Big Island with a view to developing knowledge silat. Having examined the feeling that the Big Island is ideal for quick placement and expand their knowledge of silat, they decided to break the wall of their ships in order to build home in the island. They had many followers from throughout the archipelago. The seven brothers who have high knowledge of the science world and the hereafter. Throughout their lives, many people seek help and guidance.

Beside the Seven Brothers tomb, the rest house is located where free food is provided daily and place to stay as well. Mainly every day, goats are slaughtered mostly contributions from people who desired has fulfilled. Foods are provided from morning till afternoon. There is few stalls available for people who wants to buy joysticks, flowers and mineral water bottles. Some people place mineral water bottles or water from wells at tomb Sultanu'l Aarifeen for healing purpose.

Next, our visit is to Nenek Kebayan's tomb. Believed as the oldest appearing at the Big Island., Nenek Kebayan is also a healer and midwife. A well located near to the tomb believed to have water which has certain charms as to nourish body, and also be used as mandi bunga. Nenek Kebayan's tomb and the well is located within the IMM Training Center, adjacent to the Hotel Chandekura, Pulau Besar, Malacca.

Our next destination to Istana Bunian (Goblin village) which located in the heart of the village of goblins. A high ground that can not be rejected by the ordinary machinery. This area is to be developed by the Marina Resort, but so far the project is not implemented. The wells is also believed to be the first wells on the island results mystic scholar pack for fresh water supply to date but the water is refreshing as well. According to the story, there are actually a total of 146 villages were elves in the Great Island area, but significant areas that can be seen only in the Marina Resort only.

As time runs, we unable to pursue in Pulau Besar (Big Island) such as the the foot step of Sultanul Aarifeen, Batu Belah, Monitor Lizards Lake, Yunus Cave and etc. My experience in Pulau Besar leads to peaceful, calmness, admiring the beauty of the island and lastly left me with spritual and mystical experience. Therefore, if you want to venture Pulau Besar, make sure you are wearing a solid sandals or sport shoes where the roads are muddy and more to jungle trekking experience. My RM25 sandals torn on the way back and i need to walk barefoot till to the jetty. Don't forget to bring water, food , extra clothes if you planning to bath there and excitement as well. Last at least, your mind and soul should be clean and clear before one plan to venture Pulau Besar. 

View from the  ferry

View from tomb Sultanu'l Aarifeen tomb place

View from tomb Sultanu'l Aarifeen tomb place

The Surau

View from tomb Sultanu'l Aarifeen tomb place

Tomb of Syarifah Rodziah

Tomb of Syarifah Rodziah

Tomb of Syarifah Rodziah

Sultanu'l Aarifeen's tomb

Sultanu'l Aarifeen's tomb

Beautiful sea views.

Camping area

Canteen view

Stalls located near the canteen

Canteen view

Canteen view

The Seven Brothers tomb

Orang Bunian village

Orang Bunian village which was developed as golf resort

Beautiful seaside  views

Green seaside

Beautiful seaside  views

Ways to orang bunian village

One of wells which is use for drinking and bathing purpose.
You cant imagine how clear and clean was the water

Jetty views

Pulau Besar "We love Museum Tour" advertisement

Sleepover @ The museum advertisement

Villa Rhu prices

Jetty views

The Orang Bunian Village which was developed as Marina Resort which lead to failure.

Pulau Besar Jetty

Wednesday, August 10

Dim Sum Steamboat

Dim Sum Steamboat, that was my menu recently. You have heard about steamboat but Dim Sum Steamboat is something new offered by The Junction Bistro at Tower 2, Menara PGRM (Hotel Cempaka at Jalan Pudu Ulu (near Taman Maluri lrt station).

As the menu is quite interesting with the promotions goes on, myself with family drove there to try the new menu. Arriving at the Service Suite apartment lobby, The Junction Bistro at 2nd floor, we was greeted with friendly staffs. The place was cosy and one can feel peaceful and comfortable dining there. My rate for the service and the food is 3/5.

The promotions brochures

The Dim Sum steamboat was combined with dim sum and boiled in steamboat mode as you can see below. The ingredients comes similiar as steamboat ingredients such as fishballs, vegetables, noodles and eggs except the dim sum part.

Dim Sum ingredients

Dim Sum ingredients

Steamboat ingredients

Complimentary fruits

Grandma is vegetarian, therefore, we ordered vegetarian fried rice which taste good.

steamboat ingredients
 The waiter setting up the table and the pot


One of the advertisement posted

Overall, the Dim Sum steamboat was a new experience to us. Therefore, there is pro and cons of dim sum steamboat. Some of the dimsum varieties are suitable and not to be in the steamboat dish depends on one individual taste. Therefore, people who enjoys dim sum and steamboat or wish to try something new, can try this 2 in 1 dish for adventure. :)