Wednesday, August 10

Dim Sum Steamboat

Dim Sum Steamboat, that was my menu recently. You have heard about steamboat but Dim Sum Steamboat is something new offered by The Junction Bistro at Tower 2, Menara PGRM (Hotel Cempaka at Jalan Pudu Ulu (near Taman Maluri lrt station).

As the menu is quite interesting with the promotions goes on, myself with family drove there to try the new menu. Arriving at the Service Suite apartment lobby, The Junction Bistro at 2nd floor, we was greeted with friendly staffs. The place was cosy and one can feel peaceful and comfortable dining there. My rate for the service and the food is 3/5.

The promotions brochures

The Dim Sum steamboat was combined with dim sum and boiled in steamboat mode as you can see below. The ingredients comes similiar as steamboat ingredients such as fishballs, vegetables, noodles and eggs except the dim sum part.

Dim Sum ingredients

Dim Sum ingredients

Steamboat ingredients

Complimentary fruits

Grandma is vegetarian, therefore, we ordered vegetarian fried rice which taste good.

steamboat ingredients
 The waiter setting up the table and the pot


One of the advertisement posted

Overall, the Dim Sum steamboat was a new experience to us. Therefore, there is pro and cons of dim sum steamboat. Some of the dimsum varieties are suitable and not to be in the steamboat dish depends on one individual taste. Therefore, people who enjoys dim sum and steamboat or wish to try something new, can try this 2 in 1 dish for adventure. :)

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