Wednesday, July 13

Looking back at the past ... from Anti-ISA to Bersih 2.0

August 1, 2009 :  I was there, partially not realizing there will be a anti- ISA protest held in Kuala Lumpur. Due to my mid afternoon shift, I’ve hardly touch the newspaper and watched or listen to TV or radio. What i want is to "correct" my hair which my hairdresser had turned to animax version that morning. After the correction of my hair style via free service, I marched to Pertama complex to survey for a good hand phone. (my previous phone has R.I.P) On the way to the complex, few policemen was not allowing foreigners to pass by Pertama complex and Sogo. They are sent back to Maju Junction way which lead to Jalan Sultan Ismail. At a sudden, thousands of people start to gathered from all directions and shouted for reformation. I was stunned with the incident. The only thing i can do to feel amused and capture some video from my newly bought handphone of the incident.

At a moment, my heartbeat start to beat fast when watching the cops approach the crowds At a sudden, tear gas are sprayed from fire engines and the crowd starts to run away from them. I ran into Pertama complex and mostly the shops are closed by the shop owners or the sales people. I was terrified and few cops chasing people with their guns. Frozen, I was approached by a cop and I informed him, I have stuck here. Lucky enough, I was told to get out from the building and therefore I have headed to Jalan Sultan Ismail train station with the sting on my eyes due to the tear gas.

For a second, the feeling of joining the crowd made me realize, it was a peaceful rally and politics and cops made it worst. And when I watched Bersih 2.0 rally goes on in the T.V, I realize the incidents are nearly similar where the public people are not suppose to be harmed as they doesn’t cause any indecent act. The only thing they have done is to marched out and shouted "Reformation" word which I don’t think so it is worth for them to be harmed. Ambiga did a brave move by launching the rally and yet publics doesn’t know their rights as a voters and whom to be supported as well. What we really want now, is a CLEAN democratic country with a proper leader to lead Malaysia. All the while corruptions always take inside politics but yet we always lead to be followed the rules of the rulers. Here, we believe it is our rights to voice out and therefore, we as a citizen should learn to voice out and not to be afraid of challenges and obstacles.

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