Thursday, October 13

Tribute to Sudhir Kumar (1-8-2011)

It has been nearly 2 months of his death, and I’m dedicating this article for him. Sudhir Kumar Kolakaluri, one of my dearest working colleague and friend and loving brother leave us and the world at 1-8- 2011. We are still in deep shock and sad with his lost. Each day without fail, Sudhir Bhai greets me with his smile and bid goodbye when he is leaving from the office. When his newly born child was born in India, he was filled with joy and happiness which he has expressed how lucky he was. Wherever he goes, he will show his baby girl’s picture to everyone include strangers as well. From there, I realize she is his pride and joy.

I’m still recovering with his loss and shocked of his death. I remembered when the last day he bid goodbye before leaving the office, he was reluctant to say so. He looks tired and mentioned “I wanted to ask you something but it is ok. I will see you on Monday”. I smiled to him and wave goodbye but there is some uneasy feeling strike me that moment but I keep on saying it will be alright. Then the news came. He passed away on Monday morning in the clinic due to heart attack. Another colleague was there and I could felt how he had felt when the incident happened. My wish for his family in India, hope they able to cope with his loss and wish his wife and baby lead a good life.

For people who smokes and drink, please do care about your health and family. I wish Sudhir Bhaiya has reduce his cigarettes and alcohol to avoid this incident happened. Some of my friends has immediately stop smoking once they heard Sudhir’s death. Don’t take action when an incident happened. Take action before it happens. May his soul rest in peace.

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