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Sri Mariamman Temple, 12th Mile, Puchong

I'm always fond with temples and will get excited if saw one around Malaysia. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find particular God/Goddess temple around Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, when you have offering for your idol God/Goddess. Venturing to find a Sivan temple in Puchong for my prayers, we found a temple at the roadside of Puchong highway named Sri Mariamman Temple, 12th Mile, Puchong, Selangor. I was told by a friend that this temple do have a shivan lingam and due to my curiosity, i planned to check out by myself with Ju. The temple architecture kind of old and at the entrance of it, you will be amazed with 1008 shivan lingam small statues with big Kamatchi lamp. There was a billboard of Resident Evil advertisement middle of temple. Take note "MIDDLE OF THE TEMPLE" --> BILLBOARD. Cool uh? 

Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman board

Near to main God/Goddess entrance

108 Shiv Lingam statue with Kamatchi Amman lamp

108 Shiv Lingam statue with Kamatchi Amman lamp

We was amazed with the temple. From Shivan Lingam to Kaliamman, you can find all the god/goddess in this temple. And the vibration of this temple is pretty strong as the statues are crafted of karungkal (black stone which Hindu believe that is the proper method to craft god/goddess statues) and each statue are more than 4 feet tall which made them look lively. The archanai itself cost RM4 which explained why it is expensive : given with one ghee lamp, incense sticks (oothupathi) , one banana with betel leave in a plastic bag (comes in a package), and lastly due to less visitor to the temple. 

Lord Vinayagar
Goddess Mariamman
Lord Murugan with Goddess Valli and Goddess Deivanai

Part of the temple

Shiva lingam statue
Lord Venkatachalapathi
Lord Hanuman
Goddess Nagamma 
Lord Muneswaran consort
Lord Muneeswaran
Amma's oonjal

Nevertheless, we was amazed the temple was build in 1883 which is 129 years old! In one moment, I felt blessed to visit the temple and the other side, upset as felt , the temple monument should be well kept by our Hindu community. If you have time, please do drop a visit to the temple as I can see crowds at Srinivasa Perumal temple (it is 5 minutes drive from Sri Mariamman  temple). I understand Lord Perumal favorable by everyone and Srinivasa Perumal temple architect are well kept, but same time, it only build after this Sri Mariamman temple. I guess it is a time for me to introduce all the rarely mentioned temple in my next article. By then, please educate and show the next generation what is temple all about. Bring them for a visit to exposed them who is Lord Vinayagar , etc. Tell them the story of each God/Goddess and when you do so, please be well equipped with knowledge in order to provide them correct explanation. Not just a story of an elephant , but how, where and the right way to pray and read mantras.

Build in 1883, tamil year, saali vaahana year

One of the statue


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Dear all, I am new to Malaysia, just 3 months back only I have moved here from India. I too got a chance to visit this beautiful temple last week. Yes it is really on a very pitiable and deplorable condition it is maintained. Seeing 1008 lingam is easy it has to be preserved. Pls take some action to bring back the temple and routine poojas....

Thaya said...

I visited that temple in May this year . The temple is having financial difficulty to raise money for a major re vamp in which a temple would be built there but maintaining the old rare statutes . The target for Maha Kumba is 2017 or 2018 .