Tuesday, September 4

Beware of Internet Scam!!!

I'm blogging this incident since one of my girlfriend M, has nearly been cheated by a scam group. M is in early 30's and currently her family and friends was looking for a bridegroom to settle down in life. Therefore, she registered thru a well known matrimonial sites and there, she get to know a guy named Prasham Lucas. There, they started to keep in touch via emails and phone. Below are the trails email from him which i think i need to include for people to assume not to judge a book by it's cover : 

----- Original Message -----
From: M2809356
To: M1329569
Hello, how are you doing? Hope you are doing fine? I am honoured to meet you here at this point in time. I have gone through your profile and I am captivated by it, I would like to establish communication with you, if you wouldn’t mind and see how things go with us or if we match with each other. I will be happy to read from you as soon as possible. Take care and have a lovely moment. God bless.
Prasham Lucas

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Prasham Lucas" <>
Subject: Re: Reply from M1329569


Thanks for such an awesome email. I am very happy after reading your email. I have come to know even with my success in business and what I have presently. I do lack something in my life. I am going to be the happiest man in the world if I can find someone that will make me to be happy again. I was thinking that my life has come to an end. But at long run I started feeling for myself and registered on the site. Thank God that I did because it gave me the opportunity to meet you. To tell you more about myself, I love going to the beach, playing games and watching the sun set at the coast of the beach keeps me smiling and lovely. I had education qualification from the National University of Ireland were I had my Bachelors and Masters in Architecture, I have my second Master in Management from United Kingdom where I live temporary today. I do an own business which centers at outsourcing of goods and services and as do little contracts.  I regard myself as been mentally and physical fit. I would like us to forget some of our shortcomings in life and try to see what we can work-out from this present relationship. I want you to accept me into your life if we happen to know each other better, I want you to regard me as part of your family as I will do same too. I might not be too good in expressing myself because I believe that action speaks louder than word. I think it’s time for us start calling to hear the sound of our voice. Call me on this phone numbers +447624192359, in case you want to send me an sms you can use this +447856008690. Take care my dear and hope to be hearing from you soon , send me your pictures too.


Prasham Lucas

This was his trail emails which made her to assume that he was a gentleman. Therefore, their conversation and getting to know go nearly two weeks when he mentioned to settle down in Malaysia and looking for a house to buy in Kuala Lumpur. Before i continue, let me describe about  Mr P (Prasham Lucas). He is from Ireland, 32 years old, working in U.K as a freelance consultant (trading business which we described as scam now).

Continue with the story, Mr P made a sudden decision to bank in US 150,000 in my friend's account and  request her to find a house as soon as possible. Mr P requested for her bank account and she was hesitating about it. Lot of questions appeared in her mind and playing safe side, M only gave him her address for him to deliver it thru parcel. Aware with Malaysia's bank rules and regulation, one from other country cant transfer that kind of huge amount of money, he informed L that he will go thru United Nations Security Council. This nearly made her to think he was serious about transferring money.

The next day, he called and informed that he has informed U.N and anytime she will received a call from them. Weirdly, M receive a call after 3 days from a lady name Ria claiming she is from Sabah U.N warehouse (which we realize, there is only one U.N branch in Damansara throughout Malaysia!). Best part, she receive the call from a hand phone number (010-9746066) and she spoke with funny accent of Bahasa Melayu), M started to have strong doubt when Ria request her to collect the parcel and request M to pay RM 5 k. M told her that she cant pay that amount of money since the recipient has settled the payment from his end. M called P and he started to be panic when mentioned about her uncle in security force and hang up the call. At the end, M realize it is a scam group and relieved from falling into the money scam. Below are the pictures, emails and calls that has been traced for other women precaution.

Mr Prasham  Lucas contact information with picture: 

•, profile id is M2809356
•    Email address :
•    Contact Number : 

1.    +447624192359
2.    +447856008690
3.    +9900087463
4.    +9900093281
5.    +9900024224

So called Ria from SABAH U.N :

  • 010-9746066 

Below is so called Prasham Lucas pictures and so called of his Irish mother :

M has finally took action by lodging a police report and reported to the matrimonial site as well.  We was surprised when the policemen ask her if the person is from Ireland when she was explaining what had happened. The force team receiving many scam cases and many Malaysian women had fall into their prey since it is operated by a big group of people.

Therefore, ladies out there, please take extra caution of getting to know a person thru dating or matrimonial sites. M has escaped from getting cheated but you may be the next victim. This scam group are believe are African as mainly from Sudan and they are located in all over the world. If you happen to know these contact information and people in the pictures, please do inform take extra caution step to lodge a police report. They will be using different name and details to prey on the victims, therefore, please do take note and be alert.


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