Sunday, May 3

Theppa Thiruvizha (Floating Chariot) in Teluk Bahang 2009

Floating Chariot commonly known as thepha thiruvizha in penang)  is one of the famous Hindu  festival during Maasi Magam day which falls in the month of February or March in Teluk Bahang, Penang. I have the chance to witness the event with my friend's family, Vicky at Teluk Bahang Sri Singamugha Kaliamman Temple . It took nearly one hour from Penang island to reach Teluk Bahang. Once reached, you can notice there is stalls which sell lamps or designated designs of boat, ships, house which made from polystyrene. One believe that wishes is made and this designated polystyrene lamps is sailed thru the sea.

Prayers starts from early in the morning 6.00 a.m till night and people who wish to fullfill their vows through paalkudam (milk pot) , kavadis and annathaanam is done here. Food is served free as well. During night time, Amman proccession (thalaathu) take place at the mid of the sea! Beautiful fireworks display can be seens from air. I had an unique and beautiful experience and looking for another year to participate in this event :)

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